Hello(: Why don't you check out my backstory if you wanna know about me. <3

Hey guys I made another tumblr and if you would like to know the link message me and I’d be happy to give it to ya! It is mainly my thoughts and poetry but hey it might be awesome you never know!!

Hey all, I’ve lately been posting on my other tumblr that I’m barley putting together, if you’d like to know the name and stuff just let me know. Thanks!

I guess you lied to me when you told me i was the first one you loved. What’s that saying..? It’s better to be pissed off rather than pissed on? I’m not pissed, I’m just indifferent i guess.

I don’t think he will ever realize that in the end he just used me as a distraction to try and get over her but it never worked.

I am alive I swear! I have been caught up in drama in the past month and everything is barley starting to play out. I promise to start posting more as soon as i get rid of this bug! Thank you my Loyal Tumbr followers!! <3

satan-is-my-homeboy-xo-deactiva: I'm good thank you, yourself? :) 

Better! I got my computer back so I am finally able to do computer shit! :D

satan-is-my-homeboy-xo-deactiva: Hey :) how has your day been? 

Hello! How are you?

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